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Try to Keep Up

So things are a little stressful, both Kennedy and Annie are sick. Annie is not too bad, she just has a bad cold. Kennedy has been sick since we came back from MN. One of the ER docs has suggested she see a pulminologist. Her coughing is horrible.

Keep your fingers crossed that they both get well soon.

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Me Again

Well, it’s been two birthdays since I have actually posted anything. Two jobs and a child make things interesting. Annie is now in pre-school at a gym. It’s two hours of school and an hour of gymnastics. She loves going there. If she is being all stubborn and doesn’t want to do something the threat of not going to school works like a charm.

Annie is very smart. She uses words in sentences and I’m like where did you learn that word, and she uses them in context. Since she talks so well and is tall for her age, everyone thinks she’s older than she is.

Today was one of those days where having a three yr old was very trying. She suggested where she wanted lunch from. We go, get her what she wants, and then she fools around and doesn’t eat. Then a little while later she’s complaining that her tummy hurts. Gee I wonder why?

No promises, but I will try and stay up to date from here on in.

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Back Again

Well it’s been a long while. Annie is now 3 1/2 years old, and I have the means to be able to keep up with this blog now. 

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Crabby Girl Today

Forgot to add this.

When Annie decides she does not want to sleep, she tends to torment her Mother. She and Kennedy will be lying in bed and Annie will start kicking her in the face or close to it, and then in a high pitched voice say: “Stop It!”

Kennedy is tired of her acting badly like that, and it doesn’t help that she pulls these stunts when Kennedy is so tired she can barely see straight.

I don’t know why she doesn’t act that most of the time when I am home. Anyway, keep your fingers crossed that we can break her of this very bad habit.

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Good News for a Change

So, today started with a rain/ice storm. Kennedy was nice enough to clean my car, the walkway, and the parking spot when she got home.

When I finally left the house, I had to get to my three-month check up with the doctor. I was absolutely shocked when the nurse weighed me. My official weight, for now, is 197.4 pounds. I haven’t been this weight since college in the late 80′ early 90’s. What a shock, and that wasn’t the only good news…. My bp was 110/76. That’s phenomenal for me. Now we just have to get me to start eating veggies, stop drinking so much soda with sugar, and start exercising.

Wish me luck.

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A Miserable Little Girl

So, a couple of days ago, we noticed a “rash” on Annie’s leg. Kennedy tends to think it’s Head, Foot, & Mouth Disease. All I can tell you is that she is one miserable little girl right now.

The worst of the rash seems to be on her ankles and the soles of her feet. She even wakes up itching her feet. We are now trying cortisone cream and oatmeal baths to help her feel better.

Of course after all this, the poor kid ends up with explosive diareah this morning. According to Kennedy, she left a trail of it from the hallway upstairs to the living room downstairs. So, the dictated the need for another bath. She loves her baths, so that isn’t a problem, but now we need to worry about keeping her hydrated.

Hopefully she will start feeling better soon, because Annie really hates going to see the doctor.

Aside from Annie not feeling good, we are not sure how much longer we are going to have Mr. Murphy. He is so old and his breathing is horrible. He isn’t moving too good anymore either. I don’t think he really likes the fact that the heat actually works in the downstairs now. He keeps wanting to go outside all the time. I was actually very surprised that he let me sleep through the night last night. Usually he has me up anywhere from 2 – 5am to go out, and sometimes even more than once. All we can do is make him comfortable until his time comes.

From here out we have five months and one week until Annie’s 2nd birthday, and we want to have it at our house. This means a massive clean up of the downstairs and time to make the upstairs presentable. Between our two schedules, hopefully was can everything done. Otherwise Mom will be hosting Annie’s 2nd birthday as well.

I hope y’all have a very nice weekend,a nd thanks for keeping up with our busy lives.

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Finally in the Present Catch Up 3

January 12, 2011

It took us three days for her to open all of her presents. Anyway, we headed over to Kennedy’s Aunt Donna’s house for Christmas dinner. Amazingly Annie was very good. There were no hysterics and she actually would go with her aunts to look at things. We heard from almost every adult at Donna’s house that we should leave a day early, because there was a bad storm coming. Kennedy’s father echoed these thoughts.

The rest of the trip consisted of small trips out with myself, Kennedy and Annie. Once and awhile we went out to eat with her parents. Our biggest trip of the trip was to the Mall of America. Annie was a good sport for most of it. Her most fun came when we went to Underwater World. They were renovating, so we couldn’t get a picture of her on the bronze turtle again, but that was ok. She loved looking at all the fish, turtles, and sharks. We saw one shark that was resting on top of the clear tube we were walking through. Maybe on our next trip we’ll let her go on a couple of the rides that they have in the middle of the mall. That would be a lot of fun.

In the end, her parents convinced us to leave the day before New Year’s because of the bad weather that was approaching. I felt really bad for Kennedy, because she doesn’t get to see her parents all that often, and with her father not feeling well, it makes leaving harder. It was odd to listen to Kennedy and her father talk about what would happen if he passed away before her mother did. I know that’s something we will need to consider in the near future.

We tried a new way around Chicago, but it took us way out of our way. We made it to South Bend, IN and stayed the night there. That way we’d only be roughly 10 hours from home the next day.

Our drive home was pretty uneventful. We stopped in PA for lunch and dinner. Kennedy had been wanting to try Red Robin, so we stopped there on our way home for dinner. I really liked the shake I had with dinner, and the burger was pretty good. Annie ate her apples and our French fries. We made it home by 9:30 New Year’s Eve and were in bed by 10pm.
Being home for 1 day, we were immediately back into the swing of work again. Kennedy started back on Sunday, and I started back on Monday. It’s been a little bit stressful, but there’s not much we can do for that. The mortgage is sucking us dry, as is the house. Hopefully we can make it where we are for a few more years.

I will try and keep up better, but seeing as I am almost never on the computer, that will make it a bit difficult. We’ll see what we’ll see.

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2010 to Present Catch Up Part 2

January 11, 2011

We had a lot of guests for the birthday / baptism, but the best ones of all for Kennedy was Melissa and her brood. The kids had a good visit, which also included a trip to Turtle Back Zoo. Apparently Kenny kept wondering when they were going back, even after they returned to MI. Annie seemed to get along with Kenny and Matthew, but wanted nothing to do with Amya. We think that is because she didn’t talk and wasn’t very mobile. Amya stayed in the house with us, while the boys and Melissa stayed in the camper Melissa rented for the trip.

During the summer Annie became more and more mobile. At softball we all had a tough time keeping up with her. Mom has been a godsend with her willingness to watch Annie whether it is at the softball field or when Kennedy and I have to work.

August was a tough month for Annie, she was sick for the better part of three weeks, and the doctors did not know what was wrong with her. She ended up losing two pounds, having to go to the Pediatric ER for fluids, and to MMH to have an ultrasound of her kidneys and a test to see if fluids are backing up into her kidneys. Thankfully all of the tests we negative, so the mystery still remains. Of course the end of the summer was not a good time for Annie either. She is starting her trips to the ER to early. One afternoon as I was trying to wash some dishes, Annie was in the living room climbing and bouncing on the rocker recliner. She had just grown tall enough to be able to climb onto the chair. What she didn’t realize was house bouncy the chair was. She ended up bouncing over the side of the chair and landed face first on her toy chest. When I ran into the living room, all I saw was her bum and legs in the air and she was screaming. I picked her up right away, and she had a little cut across her nose, right between her eyes. I ran her upstairs to Kennedy to let her know what happened. Annie took a bottle and a nap, while we waited for the doctor to call us back. Needless to say it took them over an hour for anyone to call us. I eventually ended up bring Annie to the ER while Kennedy slept. She had to go to work that night. When I got to the ER, at least one of the nurses that Kennedy knew was working, so that was a good thing. Annie was ok until the doctor came in to fix her nose. He had a tech hold her down while the doctor glued the bridge of her nose closed. She screamed the whole time and the entire ER could hear her.

During the year, Annie has changed and grown so much it’s hard to describe. She is over 2 feet and almost 3 feet tall. She climbs anything she can and runs like a whirling dervish most of the time.

Thanksgiving was a bit of a trial. Mom had gone to GA, to spend it with Neil, Jen, and Jackson. That was a good thing, because she did not see Jackson over the summer. We headed to Aunt Ronnie’s house, where we would celebrate the holiday with my aunts and uncles, cousins and my sister Jen. Annie was good right up until we got her jacket off. After then, it was hysteria time. She wanted nothing to do with any of my relatives, except for my sister. Aside from Kennedy and me, she was the only other one she would go to. To get her settled, we need to give her a bottle and turn her video on. She calmed down for the most part, until we had to go upstairs for dinner. Then the hysteria started again. It took almost 15 minutes for her to calm down. So, dinner for her was craisins and apple juice.

Annie is a very happy child when she is with us, my sister or my mom. She is also very comfortable with our friends B & L. I can’t wait for them to have a little one of their own.

Christmas was upon us and we headed out to MN to spend the holiday with Kennedy’s family. With the storms that were hitting the Midwest before we left, my mom tried to talk us into flying. Monetarily, it just wasn’t feasible. So, we still opted to drive. Annie was a good sport about it. We had furnace issues, but what else was new. A couple days before we were to leave, the furnace stopped working. So we called and had someone come out and look at it. We thought it was just the leaky pipe, but apparently that was not the case. The leaky pipe was fixed two days before we were to leave. The night before we were to leave, after we dropped Kensu and Murphy off at mom’s house, we came home to the heat off again. We went down to the basement and restarted the furnace. I had trouble sleeping, because I was worried about the furnace. Around 3am I was up, and there was no heat again, so I called the oil company and requested service. I explained that we were supposed to be leaving for vacation at 6am, and they promised to have someone out by 6am to look at the furnace. At 4:15am, a technician showed up, and I showed him the furnace. Within 5 minutes he was able to figure out what the problem was. Our house has dual zone heating, and apparently the switch for the bottom floor of the house was over heating. We are very lucky that we did not have a fire because of it. So it was fixed, and we were out of the house an hour early.

Our drive out was not too bad. Poor Annie got sick a couple of times, but otherwise was great on the drive out. We made it through Chicago at rush hour and made it to Janesville, WI to spend the night before leaving for MN the next day. We made sure to stop at an A&W to get some cheese curds and a rootbeer freeze. We arrived at Kennedy’s parents house and they fell in love all over again with Annie. Annie loved grandma, but pretty much wanted nothing to do with grandpa. We think that was only because he’s loud. When she sees him on Skype, she loves grandpa.

Presents, we learned, should never be wrapped and left out where Annie could see them before Christmas. We did this and we kept telling her she couldn’t open them, but then on Christmas, she said “No No No”. She didn’t want to open anything after we told her no before Christmas.

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2009 to Present Catch Up 1

January 10, 2011

Let’s see, it’s been awhile since I have commented on our family as a whole. It’s probably been close to a year since I have done any serious writing on this. So, I will attempt to go back a whole year and try and remember what has happened from my point of view. Of course it’s always a bonus when you know no one will actually read this after so long.

Work is work. Houses are still being foreclosed upon, and we still have the unenviable task of selling the houses. Annie’s first Christmas in December of 2009 was fun for us. She didn’t get it at all. We spent the day at Mom’s, but when it was time, we opened up Kennedy’s Skype connection, so her parents could enjoy watching her (us) opening the gifts.

One sad spot in this holiday season was that we had to put Rylee to sleep. By this time, her arthritis was so bad, she could only stand on one leg, and she had stopped eating for the most part. Dr. Robinson was very sympathetic. When that day arrived, she made sure to give a sedative, so that we know that she wouldn’t suffer. It was a tough decision, but it was one that needed to be made.

2010 started out pretty good. We made a trip to MN to visit Kennedy’s parents. On our flight out, we met Tony Seragussa, a former pro football player who won the Super Bowl with the Baltimore Ravens. His SB ring was huge. He played with Annie during the flight when she banged on his seat when she got antsy. Kennedy’s dad is so in love with this little girl, its fun to watch. Annie made attempts at trying to crawl while we were there. She was trying to push up, and of course we were encouraging her. She also had her first solid food, if jello can be considered a solid food. She got to meet her great aunt Helen and her daughter Cathy and grand-daughter Kirsten. She also met her great aunt Donna. One of our fun little trips when we visit was going to see Underwater World at the Mall of America. Annie had fun. We got her to touch a live turtle and ray. One small problem was when I left my cell phone there, and had to run from one end of the mall to the other to get it before they closed. That is a very big mall. The trip was way to short for Kennedy’s liking, because it’s not knowing when she’d get back to see her family again.

After getting back from MN, Kennedy made sure to put in for December off, that way we could spend next Christmas with her family.

By April or so, Annie crawling up the stairs on her own and walking unsteadily. For Easter, Jennifer got Annie a huge purple bunny. When we got it home, she loved laying on it.

Everybody looked forward to Annie’s first birthday. We had to make sure that we made time to see Fr. George for our Baptismal lessons. We needed to take a class before Annie could be baptized in the Catholic Church.

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8 Months Already

Can y’all believe it’s been 8 months since our little Miss Annie Grace entered the world? She is the light of my life.

Now I won’t say it’s all been a bed of roses, but she’s my daughter and I love her to bits. Take today for instance, she is having a horrible teething day. She’s in pain and everything we do for her isn’t enough. But on other days when she’s using my pant leg to stand up, looking up at me grinning, it just melts my heart.

She is now waving at almost everything, crawling backwards and forwards, babbling, drooling like a fiend, and she has the greatest giggle and laugh you will ever hear.

She is growing up too fast. It’s weird rocking her to sleep and she fits all the way across the seat of the chair. When we began this journey, she fit in the crook of my arm. *sigh* These past 8 months seem like 8 minutes, it’s gone by so quickly.

I truly believe our daughter is meant for great things when she grows up, I just wish she would take the expressway to get there.

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